Source code for pyNastran.op2.tables.geom.geom_common

#pylint: disable=R0201,C0111
from struct import Struct

[docs]class SuppressLogging: def __init__(self): pass
[docs] def debug(self, msg): pass
[docs] def info(self, msg): pass
[docs] def flush(self): pass
[docs]class SuppressFileIO: def __init__(self): pass
[docs] def open(self, fname): pass
[docs] def close(self): pass
[docs] def write(self, msg): pass
[docs] def flush(self): pass
[docs]class GeomCommon: def __init__(self): self.card_count = {} self.is_debug_file = False self._endian = b'' self.struct_i = Struct('i') self.struct_2i = Struct('2i') self.binary_debug = SuppressFileIO() self.isuperelement = 0 #self.log = SuppressLogging() def _read_fake(self, data, n):'geom skipping {self.card_name} in {self.table_name}; ndata={len(data)-12}') #if (self.card_name == '' or '?' in self.card_name) and data: #self.show_data(data) #if self.table_name_str in ['GEOM3', 'DYNAMIC', 'DYNAMICS', 'GEOM4', 'EPT', 'MPT']: # 'GEOM2', #self.show_data(data) #aaa return len(data) def _read_fake_nx(self, data, n): """same as _read_fake, but casts to NX""" self.to_nx(f' because {self.card_name} was found')'geom skipping {self.card_name} in {self.table_name}; ndata={len(data)-12}') return len(data)
[docs] def increase_card_count(self, name, count_num=1): # pragma: no cover msg = 'this should be overwritten; name=%s count_num=%s' % (name, count_num) raise NotImplementedError(msg)