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 - fnames = get_files_of_type(dirname, extension='.txt',
                              max_size=100., limit_file='no_dig.txt')
 - msg = list_print(lst, float_fmt='%-4.2f')

import os
from typing import List, Any

import numpy as np

[docs]def get_files_of_type(dirname: str, extension: str='.txt', max_size: float=100., limit_file: str='no_dig.txt', skip_folder_file: str='skip_folder.txt') -> List[str]: """ Gets the list of all the files with a given extension in the specified directory Parameters ---------- dirname : str the directory name extension : str; default='.txt' list of filetypes to get max_size : float; default=100.0 size in MB for max file size limit_file : str; default=no_dig.txt the presence of this file indicates no folder digging should be done on this folder skip_file : str; skip_folder.txt the presence of this file indicates the folder should be skipped should be done on this folder Returns ------- files : List[str] list of all the files with a given extension in the specified directory """ filenames2 = [] # type: List[str] if not os.path.exists(dirname): return filenames2 filenames = os.listdir(dirname) if skip_folder_file in filenames: print(f'found skip_file in dirname={dirname}') return filenames2 allow_digging = True if limit_file in filenames: allow_digging = False for filenamei in filenames: filename = os.path.join(dirname, filenamei) if os.path.isdir(filename): if allow_digging: filenames2 += get_files_of_type(filename, extension, max_size) #assert len(filenames2) > 0, dirnamei else: print('no digging in filename=%s; dirname=%s' % (filename, dirname)) elif (os.path.isfile(filename) and os.path.splitext(filenamei)[1].endswith(extension) and os.path.getsize(filename) / 1048576. <= max_size): filenames2.append(filename) return filenames2
[docs]def list_print(lst: List[Any], float_fmt: str='%-4.2f') -> str: """ Prints a list or numpy array in an abbreviated format. Supported element types: None, string, numbers. Useful for debugging. Parameters ---------- lst : list / numpy array the value to print Returns ------- msg : str the clean string representation of the object """ def _print(val): if val is None or isinstance(val, str): return str(val) if isinstance(val, float): return float_fmt % val try: return '%g' % val except TypeError: print("parameter = %r" % val) raise try: # TODO: remove try block and fix bug in OP2 code or add a warning message if len(lst) == 0: return '[]' if isinstance(lst, (np.ndarray)) and lst.ndim == 2: row, col = lst.shape return ( "["+",\n ".join(["["+",".join( [float_fmt % lst[i, j] for j in range(col)]) + "]" for i in range(row)])+"]") return "[" + ", ".join([_print(a) for a in lst]) + "]" except Exception: # not a list return _print(lst)