OP4 Demo

The Jupyter notebook for this demo can be found in: - docs/quick_start/demo/op4_demo.ipynb - https://github.com/SteveDoyle2/pyNastran/tree/main/docs/quick_start/demo/op4_demo.ipynb

The OP4 is a Nastran input/output format that can store matrices.

The OP2 can as well, but is less validated in regards to matrices.

Import pyNastran

import os

import pyNastran
pkg_path = pyNastran.__path__[0]

from pyNastran.utils import print_bad_path
from pyNastran.op4.op4 import read_op4
import numpy as np
from numpy import float32, float64, int32, int64, product

# decrease output precision
np.set_printoptions(precision=3, threshold=20)