include_file Module

Defines utilities for parsing include files:
  • get_include_filename(card_lines, include_dir=’’, is_windows=None)

pyNastran.bdf.bdf_interface.include_file.get_include_filename(card_lines: List[str], include_dir: str = '', is_windows: Optional[bool] = None) → str[source]

Parses an INCLUDE file split into multiple lines (as a list).


the list of lines in the include card (all the lines!)

include_dirstr; default=’’

the include directory


the INCLUDE filename

pyNastran.bdf.bdf_interface.include_file.split_filename_into_tokens(include_dir: str, filename: str, is_windows: bool) → Any[source]

Tokens are the individual components of paths

Invalid Linux Tokens ‘0’ (NUL)

Invalid Windows Tokens < (less than) > (greater than) : (colon - sometimes works, but is actually NTFS Alternate Data Streams) ” (double quote) / (forward slash) (backslash) | (vertical bar or pipe) ? (question mark) * (asterisk) All control codes (<= 31)

pyNastran.bdf.bdf_interface.include_file.split_tokens(tokens, is_windows)[source]

converts a series of path tokens into a joinable path