replication Module

Defines various utilities for replicated BDF parsing including:
  • to_fields

pyNastran.bdf.bdf_interface.replication._field(old_card: List[str], ifield: int) → str[source]

helper for replication

pyNastran.bdf.bdf_interface.replication.float_replication(field: str, old_field: str) → float[source]

*4., *(11.5)

pyNastran.bdf.bdf_interface.replication.get_nrepeats(field: str, old_card: List[str], new_card: List[str]) → int[source]

=4, =(11)

pyNastran.bdf.bdf_interface.replication.int_replication(field: str, old_field: str) → int[source]

*4, *(11)

pyNastran.bdf.bdf_interface.replication.repeat_cards(old_card: List[str], new_card: List[str]) → List[List[str]][source]

helper for replication

pyNastran.bdf.bdf_interface.replication.to_fields_replication(card_lines: List[str]) → List[Optional[str]][source]

Converts a series of lines in a card into string versions of the field. Handles large, small, and CSV formatted cards. Same as to_fields, but uses a different method to determine if it’s large or small field format.


the lines of the BDF card object


the string formatted fields of the card


this function is used by the reader and isn’t intended to be called by a separate process