collapse_bad_quads Module

  • convert_bad_quads_to_tris(model, eids_to_check=None, xyz_cid0=None,


pyNastran.bdf.mesh_utils.collapse_bad_quads.convert_bad_quads_to_tris(model, eids_to_check=None, xyz_cid0=None, min_edge_length=0.0)[source]

A standard quad is a nice rectangle. If an edge is collapsed, it’s a triangle. Change the element type.


a BDF model that has not had it’s properties/load xref’d, but is valid such that it could

eidslist; (default=None -> all CQUAD4s)

the subset of element ids to check

xyz_cid0(n, 3) ndarray

nodes in cid=0

min_edge_lengthfloat; default=0.0

what is classified as “short”

.. warning:: Don’t cross reference properties/loads
.. todo:: check for bad xref