get_oml Module

  • eids_oml = get_oml_eids(bdf_filename, eid_start, theta_tol=30.,

    is_symmetric=True, consider_flippped_normals=True)

pyNastran.bdf.mesh_utils.get_oml.get_oml_eids(bdf_filename: Union[str, pyNastran.bdf.bdf.BDF, pathlib.PurePath, _io.StringIO], eid_start: int, theta_tol: float = 30.0, is_symmetric: bool = True, consider_flippped_normals: bool = True) → Tuple[pyNastran.bdf.bdf.BDF, Set[int]][source]

Extracts the OML faces (outer mold line) of a shell model. In other words, find all the shell elements touching the current element without crossing an MPC or rigid element.

bdf_filenamestr or BDF()

the bdf filename


the element to start from

theta_tolfloat; default=30.

the angular tolerance in degrees

is_symmetricbool; default=True

is the y=0 plane considered to be part of the OML

consider_flippped_normalsbool; default=True

if you extracted the free faces from tets, you can get flipped normals this considers a 180 degree error to be 0.0, which will cause other problems


runs the test problem